Orange is the new Black!

I have already declared my admiration for the shape of the lipstick in my previous Chambor post, so picking out another shade from this collection came easy. Orange is a colour I’ve opted to stay away from for the longest time, probably because I haven’t figured out how and what to pair it with. At … Continue reading Orange is the new Black!


The GLAMOReyes look

Product: Nykaa GLAMOReyes Liquid Eyeliner - Mystic Woods Price: Rs. 299/- available on Taking  a break from lippies, I decided to move over to my next favourite thing - Eyeliners! From accentuating one's eyes to changing the look from day to night, eyeliners seem to fix it all! Since black eyeliners are too mainstream, I … Continue reading The GLAMOReyes look