(Lip) Bomb-dot-com!

Product: Blue Heaven Lip Bomb in Strawberry

Price: Rs. 85/-

Yes, I’m aware that this product has been in the market since forever! But I was in dire need of a new lip balm and was sick of having chapped lips despite spending so much to keep my lips plump and moisturised.

At first I was weary because of how cheap the product is, but decided to go ahead because of the (adorable) packaging. Expecting it to be an EOS rip-off, I didn’t have very high expectations. But Blue Heaven surprised me, and how!

When you apply this product on chapped lips for the first few times, your lips might peel off. At first, I was horrified! But after a few nights of continuous application, my lips have been thanking me (or so I hope). I eventually realised that my chapped skin was only peeling off and the lip balm had already begun a deep penetration to avoid damage to the new layer of skin. Considering I don’t step out without some hardcore matte lipstick, this lip balm has my lips feeling plump, soft and moisturised to take on the day (and layers of lipstick). The lack of beeswax, and abundance of shea butter definitely seems to e doing the job! (Take note other balms!)

What I like most about this balm, apart from the super cute packaging of course, is that it has absolutely no tint. Apart from my ultra-hydrated lips, my unstained pillow cases also seem to be thanking me!

Rating: 4/5

(Only because I don’t know how to get the remaining balm our of the cylindrical container)


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