Classic Red (Rock)

Product: Red Rock by MAC

Price: $17 or Rs. 1,100/- (approx.)

Known for it’s classic Reds, MAC is out with a brilliant new shade – Red Rock. Described as a ‘classic and clean red with a matte finish’, this product has slowly but steadily made it’s way into my heart. As a lover of red lipsticks (shocker, considering the name of my blog) I wasn’t too sure about this one. Ruby Woo was my go-to shade and I wasn’t ready to replace it. But with just the first application, I was sold!

Like most MAC lipsticks, I expected this one to be hardcore matte and prepped my lips with my go-to lip balm before applying this. Surprisingly though, the creamy lipstick glided on smoothly enough leaving a perfect pigmented shade on my lips. The shade which is perfect for all skin tones, didn’t budge for over five hours even through eating and drinking! And unlike other matte shades, this one didn’t go all Dementor and suck the moisture from my lips at once. My lips only began feeling dry after a couple of hours.

Though the product claims to have a semi-gloss finish, the initial gloss faded sooner than I knew and gave my lips a pouty-matte finish, which works for me as I’m not a big fan of gloss. Apart from keeping my lips from drying out within the hour, the shade is perfect for every occasion – casual or formal and manages to remain the centre of attention!

Rating: 4.5/5




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